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Product Features

Take control of your business' cybersecurity and PCI Compliance with market leading scanning and security with real human support at the end of the phone.  


Compliance and security monitoring

Comprehensive guidance and support from your specialist support team, who are on hand, monitoring your compliance and ke...


Cardholder data scan

Make sure that you are not storing any unencrypted cardholder with this scan. This type of data is worth cash to a hacke...


Network discovery scan

Keep an eye on the network you are connected to and the devices visible and connected with this scan....


Security scans

Regularly run security scans to make sure you’re maintaining a strong level of security on your devices....


External network scan and support

You may need to check the security of your location on the internet, be it your website or your business network....


Powerful antivirus  

Proactive antivirus engine that automatically detects and eliminates viruses, worms and other malware. ...


Monitor the security of your device  

Ensure that your device is set up in a secure manner with our device security scan.  ...

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Help Center

Easy to follow user guide with comprehensive instructions from downloading the product to the various features available through VikingCloud Protect.